Tuesday, December 11, 2012


When you move to Iowa City they should warn you there isn't a Zara, not just in the city... in the whole state. The withdrawals began almost immediately.
Zara is probably my favourite high street store. I could lose days, or more importantly my entire bank balance, wondering around trying everything on. I've made a couple of purchases and this pair of platform ankle boots is the most recent.

They arrived pretty quickly, in a ridiculously huge box.
I have to say, they're not exactly what I hoped...
The deep red colour that is shown on the site appears more brown than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong! The colour is still lovely, and definitely isn't enough to stop the lust at first sight I felt for these heels.

Unfortunately, the cut happens to curve under the annoyingly pointy bone in my ankle. Curse you foot for finding a way to make every shoe painful! The heel height doesn't feel particularly uncomfortable, but the side makes these shoes so irritating I'm not sure I'll keep them long enough to work that one out!

If anyone has any tips for making this kind of problem tolerable (or for making heels more comfortable in general!) please feel free to let me know! Otherwise, I think I'll have to return these beauties so someone else can love them...

Jenni xo


  1. aww thats so gutting these shoes are gorgeous! xx

    1. I know they're so lovely! Zara gets me every time... xx

  2. At Target and probably many other stores you can buy these clear gel strips to put in shoes to make them more comfortable in places where they may rub. Try looking for that. I have some in a pair of shoes that rub me all the time and the problem is solved.

    1. Thank you! That's a great idea, I'll have to keep an eye out x